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Choosing the Right Medical Weight Loss Program For You

Medical Weight Loss Or A New Book?

There are plenty of weight loss programs on the market. New books come out all the time and diet fads rise and fade. Just about everyone has attempted a new healthy eating program or exercise routine only to fail in the end. Either they lose weight and then gain it back or don’t lose anything to begin with. Rather than getting back on that yo-yo, you might want to consider medical weight loss to get the results you want that will stick around long-term. Here are a few benefits of choosing medical weight loss over other options.

Benefit 1: Personalization

The first thing medical weight loss can give you that other programs don’t is the ability to personalize your program. Your body is different than anyone else’s and you have specific needs and a unique lifestyle. With medical weight loss, the doctor will look at your activity level, lifestyle, weight goals, and overall health and then tailor-create a program just for you. Your specific goals influence your results. When you read a book about a new weight loss program, it’s meant for everyone and isn’t personalized to you at all.

Benefit 2: Supervision

Usually, when you start a weight loss program, you’re in it all by yourself. If you’re lucky, perhaps you have a group of friends or at least one other person to help support you through it. But by and large, you’re on your own. Medical weight loss, however, is supervised every step of the way.  Your plan and your progress are monitored in a non-judgmental environment. The programs are designed to help you get and stay healthy and you have the support you need every step of the way.

Benefit 3: Long-Term Results

Anyone can lose weight with one of the programs on the market, but it’s the lasting success that is important. What good does losing weight do if you can’t keep the pounds at bay? Medical weight loss is created to help you learn lifestyle skills that will change your long-term outlook and success. You get the skills and tools you need to lose weight and keep the weight off into the future years.

What You Get With Medical Weight Loss

Each medical weight loss program is unique, but most include medical assistance, which helps you modify your behaviors through exercise and health eating. You get nutrition education and counseling as well as alternative meal choices and replacements. You might also receive weight loss medications or options for meal replacements to help you get the nutrition you need without having to cook meals for yourself. Overall, you learn how to eat right and exercise in a sustainable way for your lifestyle.

Starting Medical Weight Loss Programs

Medical weight loss is unique to your journey and will be customized to suit your goals and needs. If you’re ready to jump into the process and get started, contact Athena Wellness Center for a consultation. Once we get to know you, we can get started on a plan together.

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