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Enhancing Skin Health and Aesthetics With Facials

What Can Facials do for Your Skin?

You might think that facials are a luxury, but they can really do a lot for your skin to give you the results you’d like to have for aesthetics and even confidence. Facials are treatments that can help you in a number of ways, allowing you to see real results after even just one appointment. Here are just a few of the things facials will do for your skin. 

Cleansing And Exfoliating

One of the things that a facial will easily do is remove dead skin cells from your face to reveal new skin that is healthy and vibrant. You are, in essence, putting a new layer of skin on your face when you remove the old skin. You might see less sun damage, fewer signs of wrinkles, and other benefits when you reveal that new layer of skin.


You know that hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy and glowing, but life often gets in the way and it can be hard to keep up. When you get a facial, your skin is infused with hydration and nourishment that will give you a new lease on life so you can protect your skin and keep the hydration levels up easier.


One of the best things you can do for your skin is to simply relax. Stress is a very common part of life and when you are able to relax, you allow your skin to do the same. Relaxing can work wonders for your appearance and your skin’s health. Experiencing a facial is very soothing and it can feel rejuvenating after the treatment is complete.


You want to be able to maintain the results you receive from the facial and part of what you get from the process helps with maintenance. It is much easier to maintain the feel and look you want once the facial is complete and that’s due, in part, to the facial itself.

Pore Cleansing

You might know that the top layer of your skin isn’t perfect, and the pores beneath it contribute to that. To clean those pores out and leave you with skin that you’ve always wanted, facials are an essential tool. Sure, you can wash your face yourself, but you can’t get that deep cleaning into the pores that you need to start over without impurities that might be lodged within them. 

Finding The Right Facial

There are many different facials out there that can benefit your skin in a variety of ways. Consider a HydraFacial from Athena Wellness Center to give yourself what your skin needs by way of health and a youthful appearance. You aren’t getting a quick fix, but rather something that truly improves the quality of your skin to make it healthy and vibrant again. Skin experiences a lot on a daily basis whether it’s stress, air pollutants, sunlight, toxins, and more. There are plenty of things out there to damage the skin and a huge way to fight that damage is through facials and the antioxidants they replace.

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