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Estheticians, and Specialists who Care for Your Skin

Woman With Beautiful Skin After Visit To An EstheticianEstheticians are Everywhere

Estheticians, just as their name implies, focus on the aesthetics of the human face. They benefit and treat both women and men, though women are far more likely to seek out their services. If you’re looking for an advanced skin care service, you’ll see an esthetician, but there may be other issues for which you’ll need to see a dermatologist, or minor things that can be alleviated with massage therapy. When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside, and many people working in the aesthetic industries can help you look and feel your best!


If you have a serious skin condition, your primary care doctor may refer you to a dermatologist. Dermatologists are medical doctors that may not be able to perform open-heart surgery, but can absolutely assist you with identifying skin cancers and skin conditions. Dermatologists are the people that can guide you through issues with acne, minor burns, and excessive sweating on your palms. Dermatologists are typically a little more expensive to see than regular doctors, but they can help you with anything that you think may be wrong with your skin.


If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your skin with cosmetic treatments over time, then an esthetician is the person you need. Estheticians can identify some skin issues that a dermatologist can, but they cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition. If there seems to be a medical issue with your skin, they will inform you, and refer you to a doctor. Estheticians may be at spas, but they also may work at medical spas, where they perform similar duties. Estheticians can also recommend skin care regimens and products based on your skin type and concerns. Estheticians can perform services as simple as body waxing, and as complicated a body contouring.

Massage Therapists

Not everyone thinks of massage therapists as skin care practitioners, but there is a direct benefit for the skin in the services that they offer. Massaging oil into the skin softens and exfoliates even oily, acne-prone skin. Massages get blood flowing, sending more nutrients all over the body, which will also be absorbed into the skin, and contribute to better and faster healing of all organs, including the skin.


Many, if not most, manicurists are also massage therapists. Manicuring involves trimming skin, and massaging, too, so it can have its dangers if equipment is not properly sterilized, but most salons, thankfully, are very good about making sure their equipment is perfectly clean. Manicurists share some duties with estheticians, including waxing and facials.


Cosmeticians seem to be at the fringe of the aesthetics industry, when they are actually right in the middle. Cosmeticians may work in funeral parlors, making up those who’ve recently passed, but you are more likely to find them working at cosmetics counters across the country. A cosmetician is a professional in using and applying makeup, and can help you if you reach out to them. Make up artists are probably the best-paid cosmeticians, with celebrity makeup artists often making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year!

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