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Give the Gift of Athena Wellness

Athena Wellness’ Products 

Athena Wellness has earned its reputation as a healthy lifestyle service provider through our programs, products, and services. We’ve been proudly serving Houston and surrounding areas since 2012. This holiday season, we’re giving the gift of Athena Wellness products! Read more to find out what stocking stuffers we’ve got.

Meal Replacements 

For the people in your life that rely on delicious meal replacements, Athena has got just the thing. Our wellness center has our own line of tasty foods packed with nutrients that make eating clean easier. Our meal replacement bars come in a variety of flavors, including caramel cocoa, chocolate almond, cinnamon, dark chocolate s’mores, double berry, fudge graham, peanut, and even the seasonally relevant peppermint cocoa crunch! We also carry shakes/puddings that come in traditional flavors, as well as chicken noodle soup, creamy chicken soup, tomato soup, and more. These are the ideal present for anyone looking to try a new flavor or expand their meal replacements!

Nutritional Supplements 

Our bodies are extremely powerful, capable of functioning under a wide variety of conditions. When it comes to healing, our bodies can accomplish a lot when given the proper building blocks. However, diets lacking in nutrition require supplements to create a body that excels. Even with a healthy diet, modern food loses benefits when genetically altered, processed, cooked, and modified with preservatives. Increasing pollution, the medicines you’re prescribed, and weaker immune systems can all contribute to nutritional processing and functioning as well. Athena Wellness realizes these deficiencies, and created our own line of nutritional supplements to benefit your health. Our nutritional supplements include Cal-Mag, DNS, Lipo BC, Proform, Rodex Forte, and Vitamin D. For someone in your life looking to add to their daily vitamins, or anyone who already uses these supplements and could use a restocking, definitely order from Athena!


Part of a healthy lifestyle is being equipped with all of the right information to make positive decisions. Athena Wellness stocks some of the best e-books, creating informative manuals to better living available right at your fingertips. Among these are Healthy Weight Loss For Kids, Good Carb Diet Review, Gluten-Free Living, and Beauty Without the Bulk. Our diverse collection means that there’s an e-book for everyone on your list. Each book is designed to navigate traditionally difficult or sensitive health issues, providing solutions that actually work. Read more about each of our books on our website, and contact us today to purchase them!

Skin Care 

It’s time to make sure everyone you’re getting gifts for looks as good as they feel! Skin care is essential for the health of your body’s largest organ, your skin, and for appearing healthy. Notable skin products we provide are the Jan Marini line, Glo Minerals makeup, and Neova brighteners, washes, sunscreen, lotion, and more. Additionally, our estheticians are trained and knowledgeable to help anyone pick out the ideal wrinkle cream, providing options for any age and skin type. At Athena Wellness Center, we offer Lure Lashes by Allie, which are the perfect gift for someone looking to accentuate their natural looks.

…And More! 

Athena Wellness offers even more products online. Browse through our wide selection of clothes, supplements, and services. For anything that can’t be wrapped in a bow, Athena Wellness offers gift cards, which give your loved ones the freedom to choose their favorites!

Treat Yourself

It can be hard not to get caught up in the gift giving during the holidays, but don’t forget about you! If any of Athena’s products or services happen to be on your wish list, it’s time to treat yourself. Check out all of our available health products at our website today.

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