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Low-Carb Meals That You’ll Love

Looking Towards Low Carb 

Athena Wellness offers a variety of sources for weight loss. We have something for everyone, including weight loss surgery support, exercise programs, nutrition programs, weight management, Lipoplex, and more. 

Who Benefits from Low Carb?

Choosing a weight loss plan can be difficult, but the specialists at Athena Wellness Center make it easy. Our Low Carb Meal Plan is especially exceptional in that there are phases. The initial phase leads to rapid weight loss, which drastically improves or resolves more urgent health issues immediately, like diabetes. For those needing to lose weight for health reasons, this plan is perfect. Additionally, this plan is good for those who have fallen off track, and can be used to get re-started on a weight loss journey, speed up results for motivation, or break out of a weight loss plateau. If you are interested in our meal replacement program but don’t want to do full meal replacement, this plan is next best. And, our meal schedule works well for those with a busy life, including moms, people who travel for work, and those that work 12+ hour-long shifts. If you often find yourself skipping or missing meals due to business, these meal replacements can help! Ultimately, the Low Carb Meal Plan is designed to fit a multitude of lifestyles, making it perfect for nearly anyone.

Athena’s Low-Carb Plan

Our plan is specially designed for safe and quick weight loss. Not only does our plan help you lose weight, but it has a heavy emphasis on maintaining any weight loss. This helps mitigate the assumption that diets don’t actually work. Ours is a journey that takes you through weight loss, and the plan transitions as your body changes.


Athena’s plan has breakfast structured as a low carb meal replacement option.


For lunch, our plan follows one meal replacement option plus two cups of vegetables.


At dinner, people following this low-carb plan eat a protein source of your choice plus unlimited vegetables.

After-Dinner Snack

Sometimes you’re still hungry after dinner, and we totally understand that. Our meal plan offers a meal replacement product as an after-dinner snack.


Our meal plan is designed to be very structured, which helps our clients stick to their new diet! There’s no need to worry about getting bored with any one food, because there’s 60+ products to choose from. Most are quick meal replacements, for those on the go. If you really love cooking, we also have some items that require being cooked for a short period of time! Our plan is so flexible that you can even eat out for a meal, and you just need to choose foods on the program. We’ve made sure you’re always on track – even in social situations.

Start Today!

Athena Wellness’ Low Carb Meal Plan is the perfect combination of real food and high-quality nutritional supplements. Our plan is designed to keep you feeling full while also meeting all of your macronutrient and micronutrient requirements. Unlike other low-carb programs, Athena helps you transition back into eating carbs after the meal plan. Call today to get started on our meal plan!

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