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Is Medical Weight Loss Better Than Alternatives?

woman-speaking-with-doctorThe Best Option For Medical Weight Loss

Sure, it’s possible to lose weight in a number of ways. You hear people having success with diet and exercise, support groups, medication, and even surgery. But perhaps you have tried a variety of those things and nothing has worked for you. Or maybe you want something that will really work well for your specific situation. The answer to the weight loss question varies based on the person, but medical weight loss can be particularly effective in helping you achieve your goals.

Formulate A Plan That Works

Losing weight sounds simple enough. You simply have to burn off more calories than you take in. But the process is more complex than it seems and can be impacted by a number of variables. The doctor involved in the medical weight loss journey can help you formulate a plan that optimizes your health while taking away weight-related risks like diabetes. Even if you change your body weight in small increments, like 5-10%, you can lower your health risks in a huge way. There is so much diet-related information out there that it’s nice to have a doctor help you separate fact from fiction and help you get on board with what will work for you.

Set Healthy Goals For Yourself

You can set as many goals as you want, but if they aren’t within a healthy range and done in a healthy manner, they won’t last. It’s important to set not only goals but the right goals. Many people on a diet tend to fixate on what the scale says, but that’s not the whole picture. You can build muscle while losing weight and maintain your metabolic rate with medical weight loss. Diet programs often fail because the goals you set are too unattainable or broad. There’s no room for failure. Your medical weight loss plan will help you form a personal plan that aims for your individual success based on a number of factors.

The Doctor’s Role In Medical Weight Loss

Research indicates that physician recommendations for weight loss lead patients to lose more weight than others. Advice can lead to longer-lasting weight loss as well. Recommendations from the right individuals aren’t just for the beginning of the diet, but all the way through. The advice can evolve as time goes by and you have accountability as well as a support network. You can safely incorporate medication into your diet plan and distinguish right from wrong in the latest fads and trends in the dieting world.

Finding Your Medical Weight Loss Plan

No weight loss plan is going to be easy, but some programs are more successful than others. When you are looking for a medical weight loss plan, contact Athena Wellness for help. We want to help empower you to change your life with an individualized plan that will assist you to achieve your healthiest goals. With compassion and a safe environment, our medical weight management team will give you the tools to get you on the right track and be consistent.

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