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What Does An Esthetician Do?

Esthetician Applies Face Cream On ClientResponsibilities of an Esthetician

As esthetician is someone who specializes in skin care, mostly focusing on the face. Their goal is to improve their client’s overall appearance in a non-surgical manner. An esthetician can have a private consultation to help evaluate and understand your needs and wants. There are a number of different things an esthetician can do for your skin care needs.


First, an esthetician will want to meet with you and give your skin a complete evaluation. Not only will they look at the type of skin you have and the problems you face, but they will also want to talk to you about your goals. Some women may have wrinkles, but that might not bother them. Instead, they are worried about sun or age spots or other damaged areas of their skin. The esthetician will want to address specific goals the client has in mind through their treatments.

Treatment Plans

Once your esthetician has your goals in mind and has evaluated your facial skin, she will want to set up a treatment plan. If you have a dull skin tone, she might suggest a chemical peel. She might want to do regular facials to improve your pores and cleanse your skin. There are a number of different treatment plans your esthetician could suggest.

Other Features

An esthetician can do things that are more related to cosmetics as well and less about the skin’s overall appearance and health. She could work on grooming your eyebrows, for example, or even tint them to a specific color. She can also give you advice on how to select your cosmetics and other products including creams and lotions. She could even give you instructions on how to apply your make-up in order to get a certain look.

Schooling Requirements

In order to become a licensed esthetician, a person has to go to school and get a license through an exam. They will learn a wide range of skills in their studies, much of which will depend on how well they communicate in order to gain clarity between themselves and the client. Having people skills is a must in this profession and the esthetician also must have a steady hand. Once they have a license, an esthetician can work on their own or through a salon or health spa. Once they have experience, it is easier to get a business of their own going.

Finding An Esthetician

If you want to work on the appearance of your skin with certain treatments, you should consider visiting an esthetician for advice and a treatment plan. You can find one on your own, or you can visit your local wellness center to enjoy the esthetician they have on staff. If the wellness center is reputable and has good reviews, you can trust that they would only hire a qualified, experienced esthetician to work with their clients. This is a good way to find someone you can trust with your skin and your appearance goals for the long term future.

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