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What is a Wellness Center?

General Wellness Center Information and Services5-10There are so many different types of wellness centers that it can be hard to know what the term “wellness center” actually means. In its broadest sense, a wellness center is a place that offers health services for both mind and body. With this in mind, we’ll help you understand how that applies to the different types of wellness centers.

The Various Types of Wellness Centers

Because it has such a broad definition, wellness center is used to describe widely disparate operations, including everything from acupuncture centers, to skin care centers, to clinics run by physicians. We’ve broken down the three most common types of wellness centers below to help you understand what to expect when you are searching for specific services.

Centers for General Health and Well-Being

One of the most common types of wellness centers is one that you might find on a college campus or within a large corporation. This type of wellness center is focused on helping students or employees thrive in their environments by helping them deal with stress, understand proper nutrition for their bodies, and advise them on general health and well-being. Sometimes, this will include a health clinic staffed with physicians, but oftentimes it will be a separate operation. Maybe, for example, a school will have a student health center that houses both the school health care providers as well as a wellness center that focuses more on mental and general health and well-being.

Centers that Offer Specific Health and Wellness Services

There are many wellness centers that are far more specialized than the ones described above. For example, some wellness centers focus on medical weight loss and nutrition programs while others might focus on acupuncture and alternative medicine. There are a huge amount of wellness centers specializing in skin care, offering various facials, laser skin treatment, and other surgical or non-surgical skin and body treatment options. Gyms, spas, and massage parlors can also be wellness centers, though many treatment-based wellness centers would disagree. Regardless, the common thread between all of these different types of service-focused wellness centers is that they all provide treatments and/or services that aim to improve both physical and mental well-being.

Wellness Centers Run By Physicians

The last type of wellness center is more of a clinic or medical practice. Sometimes, wellness center can refer to a practice run by a group of physicians or medical specialists. Some examples of the types of doctors and medical health professionals that you might find running a wellness center include psychiatrists, drug rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, primary care physicians, and more.

Understand the Services Offered at Your Wellness Center

Because the title of wellness center is used so broadly, you’ll have to make sure you have a careful understanding of what services are offered and who is providing them. This seems obvious but is important because sometimes the above categories can cross over one another, such as in a dermatology office, where skin care services are offered by medical professionals. This can affect payment and insurance as well as final results.



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