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Which Laser Treatment is Best for You?

Laser Treatment Choices for Every Client

When you hear “laser treatment,” your mind might go to one specific thing. Perhaps you think of laser eye surgery or laser hair removal. There are actually many different laser treatments on the market today and many of them can advance your skin from your head all the way down to your toes. In order to understand what options might be right for you, it’s good to know what choices exist. Here are just a few of the laser treatment services you can get done today. 

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

This innovative technology promotes vibrant, healthy, and young skin in both women and men. When you get this service, you can expect to have a more youthful appearance after you treat ailments that are often associated with aging. If you have sun damage on your skin, for example, or large pores, or even uneven textures and fine wrinkles, this procedure can help produce collagen and improve your skin in a number of ways. 

Laser Treatments on Toe Fungus

You want to be able to show your feet off in the summer or whenever else you choose, but if you have a nail fungus (which is quite common), the toenails might be discolored. The infection could also cause the nails to become brittle and separate from the nail bed. Having laser treatments done can restore the nails to their clear color with no adverse effects.

Laser Hair Removal

Both men and women have unwanted hair somewhere on their bodies and waxing, shaving, and electrolysis are often painful ways to remove it. Laser treatments can even treat sensitive areas without pain medication or the need for any. Areas often require 3-6 treatments to disable the hairs from actively growing again. Some women choose to remove hair from their legs, bikini areas, or even faces. Men often go for their chest or backs, but anything is possible. 

Laser Vein Therapy

If you have small face veins that are visible and bother you or larger blue veins in your legs that you find unsightly, this therapy can help. With advanced technology, you can safely and effectively treat either type of vein and take away that bright blue color that makes them show up so well.

Photo Facial Laser Treatments

This limelight procedure gives you an improved skin tone while lessening surface imperfections that often develop with aging. This non-invasive procedure improves the surface and tone of the skin and can take away redness, brown age spots, or even tiny veins in the face and neck area.

The Right Laser Treatment for You

Depending on your needs and wants for your skin, there are often laser treatments available. Contact the professionals at Athena Wellness if you have questions about the different laser treatments or if you’d like a consultation about a specific procedure. You can then move forward knowing you are a good candidate and you can set your expectations straight as to what you should see once the treatments are complete both immediately and down the road.

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