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Why Should You Try Medical Weight Loss?

young-woman-preparing-for-body-contouring-sessionExamining Medical Weight Loss For Your Life

Have you dieted before successfully only to gain the weight back? Have you dieted only to fail because the diet simply didn’t work or your motivation was lacking? All the going back and forth can make you feel defeated. There’s a lot about being overweight that isn’t really your fault. There are hormones and emotions to include in the process just as much as your choices of food and exercise. While there are reasons behind any weight loss program, the biggest reasons to choose medical weight loss can help you get your issues with your weight straightened out. Here are a few to consider:

Reason 1: Medical Monitoring

When you see an actor in a movie who has gone through a dramatic weight loss transformation for a role, you know they were probably monitored by medical professionals during the process. While you aren’t looking to go that far, you also will have a medical professional monitoring your progress. Your medical history, any medications you take, your family history, and other contributing factors will all be taken into consideration throughout your journey.

Reason 2: Access To A Registered Dietician

When you start any diet, you might have a book of recipes or an online forum to help you. While those can be reasonable support systems, accessing a real registered dietician can be the missing piece. They will review your health and diet history and look for nutrition barriers that can give you an individualized education to help you make healthier choices for your specific needs.

Reason 3: Access To Other Specialists

Medical and dietician professionals are great, but you might need more than that to get things completely on track. If you struggle to exercise because of mobility issues or an old injury, you could access a physical therapist or an exercise specialist. The list goes on and on to ensure you will have just what you need for your specific goals.

Reason 4: Specified Accountability

It’s one thing to go on a diet with a friend and try to be accountable to one another, but when you make an appointment with a medical weight loss team to monitor your progress, you’ll have follow-up visits that really keep you on track. If something goes awry, they can help you make adjustments that suit your lifestyle better.

Reason 5: Weight Loss Technology

You can get a full look at what’s going on with your body at various stages of your journey. You can get a body fat percentage and total muscle mass reading, for example, to tell you what you need to work on. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so as you work out and gain muscle, after you lose the fat, you could see additional numbers on the scale—but in a good way.

Starting Medical Weight Loss Now

If you’re ready to dive into medical weight loss because of these reasons (keep in mind there are many more advantages as well), contact Athena Wellness Center for more information.

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