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A Closer Look at Eyelash Extensions

Everything Eyelash Extensions 

Waking up ready for a photoshoot and without the need for mascara is a dream for most, and eyelash extensions make that possible. Many people long for luxurious eyelashes, but false eyelashes require daily application, making them a tedious part of any morning routine. While most people know that eyelash extensions offer a longer-lasting option, they may be hesitant due to the procedure it involves. Today, Athena Wellness Center will dive into everything eyelash extensions, assuring you that they’re safe and beautiful!

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can greatly improve your already naturally-stunning lashes. By getting eyelash extensions, you’ll have volume and lift added, drawing people into your eyes due to the length and fullness. Of course, there’s always the benefit of skipping the mascara part of your morning routine! A lack of mascara means that jumping in the pool, taking a shower, and hitting the gym won’t leave dark streaks or smudges. Many people believe that eyelash extensions will ruin their natural lashes, but the truth is, only bad application can do that. There are many eyelash technicians that are less reputable, not following health or professional protocol. With Lure Lashes by Allie with Athena Wellness Center, this is never a concern due to proper application and care.

What to Expect

Thinking about getting lashes? Worry not! The procedure is super simple, and most people find it relaxing.


Before your appointment, make sure to shower and remove your contacts if you wear any. Make sure to put on some comfy clothes, too! Your stylist should have asked you questions about your preferences and allergies beforehand, ensuring you’re not allergic to the glue or other materials used.


Eyelash extension appointments tend to take between 60 and 90 minutes. Our stylists will start by brushing out your lashes and moving lower lashes out of the way. Individual eyelashes are separated from the others, where adhesive and the extension are then bonded into place. Extensions are always applied to other eyelashes, not the skin.


After your lash appointment, you can expect your lashes to look beautiful! The difference is noticeable immediately. Following your appointment, you should make sure to avoid any water to the eyelashes for 12-48 hours, depending on what your technician suggests. Showering is fine so long as your head isn’t doused, and you avoid steaming-hot water. Most stylists suggest refilling your eyelash set every two to four weeks, as extensions fall out gradually with the natural shedding of your eyelashes. Full set refreshes happen every six to nine weeks on average.

Lure Lashes by Allie

Lure Lashes by Allie has over five years of experience with eyelash extension services, and they regularly undergo extra training and education to stay on top of new products and techniques. Each set of lashes created brings out the best in a client based on their natural features.

Visit Athena Wellness Center

Athena Wellness Center has been providing excellent health services to the Greater Houston area for nearly ten years. With eyelash extensions plus weight loss programs, nutrition programs, meal replacements, supplements, exercise programs, skin care products, laser hair removal, botox, facials, and more, Athena is the best option for improving your health.

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