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The New Website Launch

The New Website Launch

We are excited to launch our new website. There are many new features on the site.

We wanted to make the site more user friendly to include more extensive details on the services that we offer.

Some of the new features you will find:
1. Photo Gallery – Now that Athena has been open for 16 months, we have some amazing before and after pictures to share for both our weight loss patients and for the aesthetics.
2. Procedures – we have updated all of the information on our procedures to provide even more detail including our new i-lipo machine. You can now find information for pre and post procedure instructions for a treatment you are having at Athena in the Tools section.
3. Also available in the Tools section will be a BMI calculator which will allow people to find out where they are starting in their weight loss journey.
4. Amazon Products – Under products there is a new section called Dr. Broussard’s Amazon Recommendations where you will find links to books and exercise equipment that she recommends to patients.
5. Exercise DVDs – Under products, Dr. Broussard gives her review on different exercise programs and who she recommends them to.
6. Other Weight Loss Products – FINALLY – we are able to offer drop shifting directly to your door for many food products. Check out the amazing variety available to keep you on track to your weight loss goals.
7. The most exciting part of the new website launch is that the Athena Online Program has finally become a reality. This program was developed at the request of our patients who had family and friends in another part of the country that are looking for help from Athena for weight loss.
8. eBook – The ebook – Beginner Strength Training – has been published and is available for free download. It is written by Dr. Broussard to give patients just beginning a resistance program the exact program to follow with exercises demonstrated by herself and a personal trainer.
We have been so blessed with the growth that we have had at Athena since we opened. It is exciting to offer all of these new services to our patients!


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